Presentation of the project at the 11th Panhellenic Conference of Social Care Units "Ep'Arogi" (out of program)

The 11th Panhellenic Conference of Social Care Units “Ep’Arogi” on the subject: “Dimensions, Structures & Faces of Care” was organized by the Social Welfare Center of the Region of Crete on October 31 and November 1, 2022, at the Center of Mediterranean Architecture, in Chania. During the conference the scope and objectives of the project … Read more


In the framework of the pilot testing of the proposed system, a call for tenders was published for the provision of services for the development and pilot use of the QuaLiSID interactive system by a carrier hosting people with intellectual disabilities, mild, moderate or severe, aged 7 to 17 years (section 1 of the call) … Read more

Organization of the QUESTION Workshop in the international PETRA 2022 conference

In cooperation with QuaLiSID project the workshop “QUality of LifE Support SysTem for People suffering from COgNitive impairments or Intellectual Disabilities – QUESTION” was organized within the international conference “PErvasive Technologies Related to Assistive Environments – PETRA 2022”. PETRA conference was held in June 29 – July 1 of 2022 in Corfu island in Greece. … Read more

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